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The OpenVPN server on DD-WRT is configured as: Start Type: WAN . After the OpenVPN tunnel is established, the IPv4 address of the Mac is.
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The frequency varies by provider, but unless you have a static IP, it will change at some point in time. When your IP does change, you won't notice any difference because it doesn't have a significant effect on the inner workings of your system. However, when you're trying to access your router from an external location then you will always need to know your IP, or you won't be able to connect to it.

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A DDNS system will give you a web address such as thisismyrouter. If you have already purchased or planning to a domain from NameCheap, then you'll be able to set up DDNS using their system.

Installing OpenVPN client and server on a DD-WRT router

We already recommend using adblockers on your computer and installing some plugins on your browser Chrome, Firefox , however, sometimes it might be more practical to run an adblocking service on your router. Unfortunately, plugins and such can be a problem on mobile devices, especially on iOS. This gives another good reason to run an Adblocker on your router directly, all devices connected to it will have advertisements blocked on it.

I am going to give you the quick and easy way of setting up Privoxy the built-in DD-WRT Adblocker and if you'd like more help you can leave a comment or visit the Privoxy websites for more details. If you have a monthly download, or upload limit assigned to you by your ISP, or would just like to know how much internet you are using, then you can analyze your data statistics using DD-WRT. Using the Status bar, you're also able to analyze a number of other factors, and find out if there are any other problems with your network as well, or improvements that could be made.

If you wish to have more in-depth network monitoring, and also see a break down of data usage by software, then I'd recommend downloading Glasswire, which will do just that and more. WPS refers to a system which allows you to easily connect a device to your router. You might have seen it before that when you are connecting to a wireless network, it permits the option for a quick connection by pressing the WPS button on the router. Unfortunately, generally speaking these systems are horrible for the security of your router.

However, there are some commercial builds, such as on Buffalo routers, where the option for it does exist. If you do get one of these, I'd recommend disabling it instantaneously. I sincerely hope that you have enjoyed reading my guide and have found something useful to implement and help you create the best WiFi router possible.

If you've never played around with DD-WRT before it's a great way to spend a few hours and improve your home with. If you have found. If you have found this guide helpful, I'd appreciate a share on your favorite social network. And if you're having problems, feel free to leave a comment, and I'll try and help as much as possible. Looking for Something? Written by Peter Selmeczy.

Unfortunately not. You can easily split your traffic between networks, dedicate it to specific software, devices, and more. This even provides geo-unblocking capabilities for devices that don't support VPN clients e. Roku and AppleTV.

The first hurdle is choosing your router. DD-WRT vs. OpenWRT vs. Tomato DD-WRT isn't the only open source router firmware on the market, and technically it isn't the best in all aspects. Do a reset. Press the reset button for 30 seconds you'll probably need a pen for this. Without letting it go, disconnect the power for 30 seconds. Plug the power back in, and keep pressing the button for a further 30 seconds. This helps erase the memory of the router for a clean install. Connect your router to your computer with an Ethernet cable. Open your browser and type For the 'New Firmware File', choose the file you have downloaded at the start.

Click Upload and wait for your router to reboot itself. You'll be able to tell, as the lights start flashing on the front, and you'll be able to access it using the router IP address mentioned above. Do another reset. Now go to The DD-WRT default login details tend to match that of the router, but not only should you, but you will need to change this. Changing the Basic Settings Now that you've installed the firmware, the primary task will be to change all the core and important settings, including the wireless access point configuration. As detailed in the previous instructions, you'll be prompted to change your DD-WRT username and password immediately.

I recommend you write this down somewhere, such as in a password manager , so you don't get locked out by accident. If you have more than one wireless network which you will with the AC56U then give them different names so you can easily differentiate between them. Apply Settings once done. Under the Wireless Security tab, apply a password for both networks. In Setup , I'd also recommend setting up the optional 'Router Name' and 'Hostname', but this is not essential.

You should now have a functional router that you can use just like any other router on the market. Before we start the router configuration and adding bells and whistles, I'd recommend having a look around in the menus and getting a feel for the firmware.

Backing up and Restoring your DD-WRT Playing around with your router, improving the settings and enhancing its capabilities is always a lot of fun. Increasing your Wireless Range There are some principal methods for increasing your wireless range and transfer speeds. Locating your Router The ideal way of getting optimum coverage in your home or office is by locating your router in the epicenter of the action.

Use an Empty Channel While wireless frequencies are referred to as 2. Download a Wifi Analyzer app for your device. Unfortunately, as of yet there are no good options for iOS. Use the app or software to scan your neighborhood. I found that the 5GHz channels were nearly unused, so I had my choice of options.

As you can see in the image below, the 2. I was clearly using a very congested channel SuperNet and I would be better off with a higher channel number. Advanced Wireless Settings Changing the channel, as described previously, is one of the easiest and most sure-fire ways to get a better signal. Bandwidth vs.

We show you how to build your very own dedicated VPN router

Throughput Before I explain how to test your bandwidth and throughput, it's imperative that I explain the difference between the two. Testing your Bandwidth and Throughput Testing your bandwidth is the easiest of the two. TX Power, Transmission, etc If after testing your settings you decided that you need a larger throughput, then you will likely start looking at changing the advanced wireless settings.

Antennas and WiFi Extenders One of the quickest and easiest ways of getting better reception on your devices is by using wireless antennas.

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There are three things to consider if you're going to get one: Technical Specifications. Make sure that you get one that has better technical specifications than the existing antenna. Some antennas such as the Asus WL-ANT provide increased range, but they focus the signal so this only goes in one direction. Connect by wire. Some antennas connect to your antenna with a wire, this means that you can move it around a little.

Some even have a magnetic base to make placing it elsewhere easier. There, Disable your 'Connection Type', as the router will not be plugged into your main router or modem. We recommend using the same name with a '-2' appended to it. Generally IPs get assigned to devices automatically, and you wish to avoid having a collision and cause two devices not to have a wireless signal so we'd recommend choosing a relatively high number such as Generally speaking, this should be To find out exactly which one, consult your manual for this device.

Save the changes. Go to the Security tab and turn off all the security settings uncheck everything , as your main router will handle all security. Hit Save. Once done, click Save. This means that you can plug your Smart TV, games console, or other devices to it. This will allow these devices to have a faster internet connection. This will also allow these devices to see other devices on the network such as network attached storage solutions.

If your main router has both a 2.

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Hit Save again. DD-WRT Overclocking Increasing your Power Like with a computer, it is possible to overclock the router so that it can perform more operations per second, and give you a better performance. Here is how to set it up. Use the USB3. Navigate to your routers WebGUI by entering Click Save and then Apply Settings. Repeat for each authorized user or less securely, directly share a single User account details with all authorized users. Plug the printer cable into the USB port of the router. I suggest the USB2. Then Apply Settings.

Have a coffee while Windows tries to detect your printer. Select your printer make and model from the list. Give your printer a name If the printer has worked so far without problems, do not worry about replacing the driver if a new version is detected. I have personally stuck with the username and password login, however, for the highest level of security I'd also recommend assigning an Authorization Key.

If you would like to access your DD-WRT externally, you will need to set up port-forwarding on your modem for the port you have selected to use for SSH. While port 22 and 23 is usually used, I'd recommend using something above to make it harder for anyone trying to access your network. Start Command Prompt by clicking the Windows button , type the below, and hit enter.

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Don't worry if your password doesn't appear as you're typing it; this is a security software feature. That's it, your in.

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To access your router via WinSCP just enter the details as above, in the correct section and click Login. If this is your first time, you might get a security key warning, in this case just accept it. For Authentication using a password list is more convenient, but the Radius method provides the most security. If you wish to do this while using a VPN, you will need to choose one that allows port forwarding.

I'd recommend using the MAC setting as this is the hardest to overcome. For Days and Times, define when you'd like the access restriction to be active With the 'Blocked Services' section, you can determine whether there are any specific services you want to block such as gaming, or Yahoo. I have found a script that does a random MAC change but I need it to be periodic.

Thank you! Back to top. Input for cron is found on our Administration tab cron is a scheduler that will allow you to run the script at whatever time interval you choose. OK, so I've got it finally. First the random MAC address script: Connect via a terminal connection a create the following script. I need help completing a small project.

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